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Content is the king

The quote “content is king” is most often used in relation to online marketing programs. This quote suggests that unique, high quality, pertinent and interesting content does well to contribute to the success of social media marketers. These companies should, therefore, be focused on producing top content before implementing additional measures to further their campaigns. In social media marketing, the quality of content plays an important role in the success of your campaign. Social media marketing companies such as Facebook even use algorithms such as Edge rank to determine how many people will view your post. This is based on several factors including the time of the post, the number of comments and likes among many others. Broadly speaking, a good post means that you have high-quality feedback and which means that more people will come across your post. Any poor quality content means that no one will click on your posts and you will receive a few visitors on your website. Some of the main factors that demonstrate poor quality content include non-organized text, plagiarized content and lack of media content such as images as well.

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