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Top 5 Affiliate Programs

  1. The six figure mentors- this is a mentorship and training program that prepares users for online entrepreneurship. More so, this program works to empowers users with digital competencies and leadership mindsets that are required to become a success with online businesses. They program comprises of a coherent step-by-step and modular training approach, which is delivered by experienced marketers.
  2. Regal assets- this is a large company based in the US that is primarily specialized in precious metal trading. It is important to note that Regal Assets is an INC 500 listed company and its also well known for its exceptional record of accomplishment. The average transaction in the company is in between $17,000-$85,000 with a commission averaging at 3 percent. You can also become a super affiliate and earn more commissions.
  3. Ebay Partner Network- eBay is a popular website and its well known for selling high paying products such as cars. The average commission received is dependent on the average price of the car. Having said that, commission levels vary in different regions globally. For instance, those in the UK can as much as 75% while those in the US earn 50%
  4. Ashford- for those who love jewelry and watches, then this might be the ideal program for your needs. Ashford is a luxury watch and jewelry retailer, and users can commission levels of up to 65 per sale. In most cases, the order amount averages at $600 and you can also get customized banners to be placed on your website. The added advantage is that there is no minimum threshold when it comes to payments.
  5. Shopify– this is full on e-commerce business platform that allows users to market to individuals who want to start online stores. The website provides various resources including web hosting, analytics, shopping carts and SEO services among many others. Users can earn as much as $2400 per customer, and the presale commissions can reach 200%. Best of all, they have a unique dashboard that lets user monitor their campaigns with convenience.

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